The B/S brace is the self-active solution for toenails.

The B/S brace is a nail correction brace for the cosmetic treatment of sensitive toenails. However, this is not just any brace, but an adhesive brace. By using the nail brace effectively, the relief of the nail can be visible after a short time - and, above all, noticeable for the person affected.

Unique in its composition! The B/S brace is made of a glass fibre-reinforced plastic - a thermoset. Thermosets, or correctly called duromers, are a type of plastic that have the advantage of high heat resistance. Furthermore, their low coefficient of expansion generally results in high dimensional stability. This professionally tested material is, of course, perfectly matched to the customer-friendly application.

The clear proof! The effect has been demonstrably tested and has proven successful in practice for decades.

Developed in Germany and at home in the world! In addition to its strong national market presence, the owner-managed company's sales network covers more than 40 countries worldwide.

Innovation and high quality standards from tradition! The key to the great success of the brace is first and not least the continuous innovative development since 1987, which has enabled Bernd Stolz GmbH to guarantee both customers and users a consistently high and maximum quality standard for the BS brace.
In the spirit of: Always committed to the original!

The great advantages of the B/S braces

immediately applicable

suitable for diabetics

visually very discreet

extremely flat

no disability during sports

can be covered with nail polish

comfortable to wear

no pain of the nail plate

cosmetic design

no pressure feeling in the shoe

water resistant

best price-performance ratio


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How does the B/S brace work?

With the power of nature and physics!

The basic principle of our braces is based on the physical laws of a leaf spring - in other words, pressure and counter-pressure.

Any optimisations and improvements over the years have been primarily related to the application process of the cosmetic adhesive braces.

Practice, theory and nature

Science confirms that the 'pressure and counter-pressure' method is the most effective method for a nail and cannot be improved. No matter which BS brace you choose - Classic, Quick, Magnet or Magnet+ - each system is always based on the same principle. The force is exactly adjusted in relation to the brace size for all B/S braces!

Simply brilliant

Applying the B/S brace is easy. It does not need to be tensioned or shaped. The brace is simply applied across the nail and automatically adapts to the shape of the nail. The resulting restoring forces shape and flatten the nail. This allows you to gently and efficiently enhance sensitive nails. The fundamental laws of physics come into practice here!

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