B/S brace magnet+

Revolutionary design for effortless precision in application 

Since October 2023, the B/S brace Magnet with Multi-Applicator has made application to the toenail even easier, more precise and more efficient.

The new Multi-Applicator offers an intelligently designed system that allows all six sizes to be measured and applied effortlessly with just one application instrument. The design is highly innovative and progressive.

The application is extremely easy to understand and simple, so that every professional can work with it without difficulty. Maximum precision is ensured by the centre marking on the applicator, which enables exact results.

This ensures an optimal application process.

Optimised application results

Innovative shape

Easy to use

Smart design

all six sizes can be measured and applied
with just one application system

Exact results

through middle mark on the applicator

The Multi-Applicator in use

The nail width can be precisely determined using the measuring tool. To determine the centre of the nail, there is a middle mark on each measuring surface. The nail can be easily marked with a pencil using a notch. The B/S brace Magnet and Magnet+ is then applied over a large area through the centre fixation. In the final step, the brace ends are pressed into place with the fixation tool of the Multi-Applicator.

measuring tool


middle marking


centre fixation


fixation tool


Shaping of the Multi-Applicator


Measuring tool

By placing the relevant measuring tools on the toe nail, all six sizes of the braces can be determined effortlessly.

Middle marking

To determine the centre of the nail, there is a marking on each measuring surface. A notch allows the nail to be easily marked with a pencil.

Centre fixation

The magnetic attachment surface can be used universally for braces of any size. Thanks to an integrated centre marking, fixing the brace is particularly easy. The brace is fixed in the centre of the toenail by pressing it firmly onto the toenail.

Fixation tool

After the centre fixation of the B/S brace, the outstanding ends are pressed on using the opposing fixation tool.

The application of the B/S brace Magnet using the Multi-Applicator. 
It's as simple as that...

Points to note before treatment

The B/S brace must not be applied to diseased nails, e.g. fungal disease, psoriasis, onycholysis etc.

  • no footbaths
  • no disinfectants
  • no application of oils or lotions
  • no nail polish remover
  • no wet grinding!

The nail can be cleaned with 96 percent alcohol (ethanol). 

The braces for nail correction can be applied without any special preparation and within a short time. In technical terms, we call this 'applying' or simply 'the application'!

B/S braces are usually applied as part of professional foot care.

9. Turning the applicator
Turn the applicator upside down. Please do not turn over the side. This will prevent the glue from running onto the end of the brace and sticking to the applicator.

Characteristics of the B/S brace Magnet

  • Centre marking for precise application
  • Optimum fit
  • Fastening in seconds
  • Secure, firm fit
  • To be used with freely accessible nail fold!

Points to clarify with the patient before treatment

B/S braces must not be applied to diseased nails, e.g. fungal disease, psoriasis, onycholysis, etc.


'The B/S Multi-Applicator was developed to place the B/S Magnet and Magnet+ braces
even more comfortably and precisely.'

Worth knowing: B/S brace therapy usually takes several months to achieve the desired end result. We recommend replacing the B/S braces every 4 - 6 weeks during the therapy.

training video

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